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The helmet law rears it's head once again. Actually, since I've last posted on here about it I've become more education and no longer am quite so supportive of helmet laws and/or use.

I continue to use mine, but I was definitely misled about their (lack of) potential to prevent concussion and I no longer view unhelmeted cyclists as "crazy" like I formerly did.

Man I wish I had an edit button -- "educated"

Wash: Agreed that it is pretty pointless to tell people not to use or not use a helmet.

Did I miss something? Is College Park getting bike sharing or are they just requiring the developer to have a lone station?

I have the opposite viewpoint of TurbineBlade, to a degree. While I tend to agree that we don't need helmet laws, I'll continue to wear one, as on at least two occasions, it HAS saved me from a concussion.

jeff, I'm unsure. There are some buildings that have bicycle fleets, but I think they're making the building pay money for a station in a future bike-sharing system.

My favorite helmet phenomenon? When your average outraged driver wants to convey the full scope of the "scofflaw cyclist" problem in DC, so resorts to "I saw an arrogant cyclist who wasn't riding on the sidewalk--and he wasn't even wearing a helmet!!!!"


One of my fantasies for getting the CaBi system expanded is to have city officials ask developers to fund local stations as part of the quid pro quo for building permits. And there is no reason this should be limited to the parts of DC and Arlington where the system already exists. Developers could be asked to fund a station right in front of the new development and another at the closest transit hub/shopping center/local landmark and voila, you have the beginnings of a system, to be added on to as future developers/sponsors come along.

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