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I've seen a couple riders out this morning so it looks like you should be able to ride without worrying too much about snow/ice in the street.

It's only a good solution if the colleges commit to installing about 15-20 stations on their campuses (depending on need) and building membership into the student id card system, and paying for institutional membership for students and employees. That's likely how it would work for McGill students--not because the college did anything special but because of how the stations are deployed in Montreal, with high density--but not how it works for DC college students.

Richard I agree, or at the very least give students/employees a CaBi key at a stiff discount ($5 per semester for example).

One of our officers lives down near that Indian Head trail and has ran it. He enjoys the trail. I've seen it/driven across it but haven't biked on it yet.

There's not much in the way of amenities along the Indian Head Trail, but don't let that stop you. It's very nice with some beautiful water views. The wildlife is abundant and definitely worth bring a camera along.

Sorry for the late comment, but does anyone know if the MBT is plowed for tomorrow's commute? Or if there's an easy way to find out? After my ride today, I can attest that many parts of the Anacostia Tributary Trail system in the College Park area are not plowed. Do they ever plow those trails, or is it just a "wait till it melts" sort of thing? Thanks in advance if anyone sees this comment -- I'll check back tonight. -Greenbelt

The MBT is usually cleared of snow. I haven't seen it lately, but that's been my experience.

I can confirm that the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail has been cleared.

Thanks! I'll be taking the fat tire bike tomorrow anyway, because there's a lot of snow on the trails I ride in Maryland. BTW I just discovered this blog, and appreciate it very much.

Anyone up for a group commute this week? If the snow makes the CCT too difficult, we may have to go via the roads, and a group might be safer.

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