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Sligo Creek Trail also uncleared. Trying out Nokian studded tires on my MTB. So far, so good.

Custis could get ugly because there are some relatively steep hills there.

The clearing from Georgetown up to almost Fletchers Boat House is solely because of sun melt on the southern exposure. There are still some gnarly sections where there is shade. However, from Fletchers up to the Dalecarlia reservoir the trail is clear because this stretch was salted over the weekend. Does anyone know if this was DDOT or a privateer? The snow cover after the Dalecarlia reservoir is always the most persistent without treating or plowing. More curious, the trail from River Road to downtown Bethesda IS CLEAR as it was plowed after the snowfall. Again, MoCo or privateer?

I believe the portion of the CCT within DC is administered by the National Park Service. So if any salting was done they probably did it.

FWIW, the Wilson Bridge bike path has had some clearing work done, but is still coated with snow and ice where the sound barriers shade the trail on the Virginia end of the bridge. An easy ride on studded snow tires tho.

Custis/Mount Vernon still have patches of crunchy snow over ice, which are tricky only near the edges, where the snow gives way entirely to an icy perimeter. Most of the trail is clear because of sun-melt, and the residual snow/ice patches easily can be ridden around if you're not up for the "challenge" of riding over them. Just allow yourself more time.

In response to Early Man's comment, I rode up the CCT on Sunday and there were definite plow marks on the asphalt between Fletcher's and the Arizona bridge. So it wasn't just salt.

CCT from Dalecarlia on had patches of ice--not bad. The unpaved section was also icy, but also not bad.

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