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Please submit this to the Current!

Concur, submit the rebuttal. Use brick or pavers to control speed better, but the width is the clear safety issue. What's with Georgetowners anyway, why does every project have to be this way?

I'm not a Georgetown Resident. Is there a local who'd like to summarize this in a less snarky way?

Good post Wash!

Ah! Smell the fresh-roasted concern trollery!

You know, no one likes driving more than I, and usually, I'm for maximizing drivers' rights in every case. But even *I* can see that private cars should be banned from DC's residential streets.

Who's with me!?!

Well, because I love babies and the sexy Polish au pairs who push them across the street in strollers, I'm in.

This is an outstanding rebuttal. Instead of working together to solve the problem, they want to mislead and mischaracterize. Not cool or helpful. It is a multi-use path, let's make it work. As it is, it is dangerous for everyone.

Check out the comments http://georgetown.patch.com/articles/community-weighs-in-on-proposed-plans-for-rose-park "target="_blank"> here where they suggest bikers at the hearing only wanted a "superhighway" through Rose Park. That is just not true. In fact, bikers were very reasonable at the hearing in proposing solutions to the so-called "friends" concerns.

It is disheartening.

great post. the trash rebuttal especially got me. so nice when reading about civic activism can also be entertaining!

Being a responsible bicyclist and speeding through a multi-use trail (narrow or wide) don't go together Mr. Mitchell.

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