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I know, I know... it wasn't animated, but The King's Speech actually was a really good movie.

I can't believe I'm posting this b/c I usually don't give two craps about the Oscars, honestly, but FWIW, TS3 did win best animated feature, right? In the shorts categories, isn't there only best animated and best live action? Some people (blasphemy?) would suggest that that TS3 shouldn't even have been nominated for best picture. It's like double dipping.

In either case, you write one hell of a blog, so I'll offer my condolences on Toy Story 3 not winning and leave discussion of the merits of nominations, etc., out of it, especially since, like I said, I don't really care about it too much.

I really can't judge, because I haven't seen the King's Speech yet. But TS3 was some good movie making. Last year's best movie wasn't even nominated for Best Picture, though it did win Best Foreign Language Picture.

Apparently, the Academy is unwilling to make the leap to granting best picture to anything animated.

A little late to the discussion but The King's Speech was a terrific movie. That said, I saw Toy Story 3 just a few days before my son headed off for his 1st year of college. It totally knocked me out.

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