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I think opening the trail around the tunnel through the zoo is a great idea but I wonnder about how it would work. I am not sure how easy it would be to prevent trail users from enterting the zoo when it's closed.

As someone at the meeting pointed out, the CCT goes through the water treatment plant, which is a more security conscious site than the zoo. The Creek would keep most people out, so all you'd really need is a gate on the Jewett Street Bridge (which I am naming "Butterstick Bridge")

The National Park service is pretty good about plowing the trail. Usually they plow most of it. Several miles up river from the proposed rehabilitation earlier this winter NPS even plowed the trail along Bingham Rd., between Oregon and Beach, and left the road closed and unplowed.

The Zoo is the weak link when it snows. They usually just lock their gate and wait for the snow to melt. How much effort would it take to drive the plows they are already using in the zoo along the trail? The Zoo is a crappy steward of their small part of the trail.

I missed the comment section last night so I'm not sure if the suggestion to move some or all the sidewalk from the East side of the tunnel to the west side was made. It could make the West sidewalk up to twice as wide and a little more pedestrian/bike friendly.

In this week's NW Current there is a front-page article and an editorial that are both strongly slanted toward the idea that the Rose Park trail is a "footpath."

While biking along the Rock Creek Park Trail yesterday, there was a segment of unplowed snow just north of the Q Street bridge.

Not sure why this one patch would have remained unplowed, though.

Contrarian, I think that's the same article linked to here. I can only say that the one FORP person (David Abernathy, I think?) didn't mention it. And he said something that seemed to recognize that cyclists will continue to use it, but I can't remember the wording.

Other than trail improvements, what I'd really like as a road cyclist is a continuation of the "Share the Road" signs along Beach Drive/Rock Creek Parkway into Georgetown. These are especially needed in the section along the National Zoo and the tunnel.

Road cyclists belong on the road. And have every right to use both Beach Drive and the Parkway and such signs do a lot to inform motorists that they do.

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