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Yeah, well I also see joggers make abrupt U-turns without looking behind them. One did so on Sunday on the W&OD just a dozen yards ahead of me. And I see them obliviously weaving on the CCT with earbuds on and music so loud they can't hear my very loud bell or my vocal passing warning. Who knows--maybe one of them is Jack Evans? ;^P

But no hard feelings, joggers. We're all trying to use the trail together. But do take out the damned earbuds, or at least turn the music down. It's dangerous.

As a biker and a pedestrian, usually in the restricted section downtown, I see both the advantages and disadvantages of restricting cycling from sidewalks. That said, I can't tell you how many disrespectful cyclists have nearly run me over while walking down L Street. When I do bike in that area, I'll use the sidewalk only to start or finish my journey, and I'm usually going slow and give pedestrians the right of way. I wish more cyclists would do the same, and it wouldn't be a problem if the rules were actually enforced.

On bike trails, perhaps they could start checking for speeders like in VA, but I really hope they don't restrict bikes from "jogging" trails because they are what make this city a joy to bike in.

Maybe they should ban walkers and jaoggers from bike trails? Not at all for the idea but sick of constantly being told to get off the trails and get off the roads.

Seems like cyclists are currently the "in" and an acceptable group to bully and discriminate against.

@Joe I agree. Perhaps someone should have asked Evans and Wells if they were aware of the discrimination that is so often experienced by cyclists in DC.

Let's just make biking illegal and we can then convert the bike lanes to jogging/ Segway/ strolling lanes. And while doing that, also outlaw bikes from regional trails like MVT, CCT etc. unless they are being pushed no faster than walking speed of a toddler.

And, by all means, come down with the full force of the law to punish cyclists for all their infractions. They are many and serious and a singular and direct threat to life and limb of all kinds of traffic participants.

*sarcasm off*

Like David Alpert, when I ride on the sidewalk I always do so at a speed that is subservient to and defers to pedestrians.

Why is it that so many cyclists do not do this?

How can this behavior be changed?


Not to be snarky, but to paraphrase Larry Summers: "There are assholes. Look around."


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