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FYI readers, FONSI is Finding of No Significant Impact and has nothing to do with Henry Winkler.

Why waste bike funding money on this not very useful trail? There is better use for the limited dollars that will be available as budgets get cut in the future

Such as?

I have been hearing about Klingle trail for ever, so there must be some long term interest in it (or vocal proponents)

Please read the Final EA closely. There will be NO road/street closing. Klingle Road IS necessary as a transportation route (which includes bike/ped trail) and DDOT will maintain the right-of-way: so there will be no application submitted City Council to close it.

Undoubtedly the cartoon conveys the meaning that life is like the process of running in which one should make constant efforts and never stop making progress.

Consequently, they try to convince the bearers of bad news that things aren't so bad, and swift action can make problems go away.

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