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I really liked this breakdown of the PPW bike lane debate

Traffic is slower on 15th because the buggered the light timing. It used to be you could roll at 33mph all the way from Mass ave to U without stopping. Now you watch your light go green as the next one goes red. The only thing it does for anyone is increase the pollution of idling cars up the road

Meh. Not much pollution being put out by modern autos anyway. I'll take the microscopic increase in output as a consequence of getting speeders and various traffic scofflaws to slow down anyway.

The easier it is to drive around town, the more cars you put on the road, anyway, so it's likely to be a wash when it comes to pollution anyway.

The goal should be reducing the total # of cars on the road and then the idle time of the cars. Increased congestion (actual or artifically created) does neither.

The 15th St. timing changes promote engine idling and drag race starts both of which drastically increase the emissions over cars moving at a constant speed.
Once you throw in the insane driver behavior they promote (passing in the new left turn lane, the new key speed is 48mph) I dont see the improvement.

That is not to say the cyclitrack is not an improvement, but they could have put that in without "calming" the traffic badly and creating a bunch of drivers who blame cyclists for killing the best route out of the city

Increased congestion is the only thing that reduces the number of cars on the road.

Increased congestion is also not an externality because its costs are largely borne by those causing it.

My sister in law rides her bike on these new bikes lanes on Prospect Park West and loves them for all the same reasons we love them.

She also has this anecdotal note: "as a car driver who's often
driven down Prospect Park West, it doesn't slow down traffic one bit
(it's still a friggin' 3-lane one-way!), nor does it remove parking!"

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