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This is an interesting intersection for those of us who bother with the law and compliance and etc. The physics of blowing this intersection are terribly compelling (unti they aren't). Will new lights fix that? Doubtful. What would? Is there any scheme that could bring a meaningful majority of users into agreement with it?

Does the bike signal do anything the pedestrian signal doesnt?

If not....I think there are better way to blow $20,000

I've been wondering why trucks were hanging out on that corner for the last week!

Since I live there and walk through it every day:

1) Tough for bikes coming UP the hill to stop and lose momentum. My advice, if you are going to the Custis trail, is take a right on scott and use the roads to re-connect to the trail rather than stop

2) bad for cars, I usually go straight through the light, and cars turning left onto lee highway from scott don't seem to understand that you have a right of way.

3) glad to see arlington staying with call signals

4) is that a light countdown timer?

5) For bikes coming down the hill, just stop. I can't see you very well from the car when am going through on a green light.

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