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I am lobbying the Greenbelt city council to make a similar request of Exec. Baker.

Thanks for posting this Jim.

It was an odd confluence of events in Baltimore County that led to the passage of a bill in February that calls for doing this and more.

It's not that the plan I wrote is so great, although I like to think it is.

What happened is that 5 of 7 Councilmembers changed as a result of the November election and the county executive changed too, and the majority, including the County Executive, turned pro-bike from bike and walking indifferent (I still wouldn't call the majority, pro-sustainable transportation necessarily).

As soon as the election occurred, advocates went to the two councilmembers most likely to support sustainable transportation in separate efforts (which combined into one bill) and asked for a BPAC and other things.

Drawing on the recommendations of the still unapproved plan that I did, they crafted a bill, which passed in Feb., unanimously.

Something similarly could happen in PG. Although it typically takes awhile. What happened in Balt. County, while seemingly an overnight thing, also was the result of many actions and activities over the years.

Note that the bill title is somewhat misleading as it is a lot more than creating a bike and ped committee.


Another thing PG advocates need to try to do is organize a bike summit and make it an annual event.

I challenged the MoCo Civic Federation with this idea last October, and shockingly, they took me up on it.

The conference is scheduled for May 14th. The point is to use this as a springboard for an annual event, and follow up activities.

@Purple -- I think the link that Mr. Layman provided to the Baltimore county legislation could be added to the draft Greenbelt letter? Would give the new County Exec a clear example of how to do this maybe, and show that other jurisdictions are moving ahead in spite of budget constraints?

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