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OK, the Living Social promotion has potentially more than doubled the number of CaBi members in just two days. Presumably some people are buying an extension to an existing membership and some are just buying a short term key but still it's going to be very busy at those docks soon. A very good thing IF the number of bikes and docks keeps pace. I walked a very long way through Paris in the dark one night on my first introduction to the vagaries of bike sharing. It was fairly interesting in Paris - DC not so much.

Is there a link to the 1987 video that does not require a Facebook login?

Not that I know of. Join us Neil. One of us. One of us.

Nooooooooooo! You'll never get me!

Re: Living Social CaBi voucher

I've already bought one to extend my existing membership. At $50 for the first year and $37 for the second it's a good deal even though I'm just an occasional weekend user.

I'm even contemplating buying another membership today at the $37 rate as a guest membership for when I'm out with friends or family.

I bought a month long membership for my sister, who will be living in DC in June, so her membership will be idle until then.

And there are more than enough bikes to handle demand.

Paris sees each bike used 10 time per day... so 10,000 rides possible with 1,000 bikes.

I'd say you wouldnt even see that number until you get 20,000 members.

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