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Interesting survey! I hate the current door zone bike lanes we have here in the city. Yet I found I felt more compelled to use those very lanes when the were painted. Not a good thing.

I think the best would be a combination of cycle tracks on busier routes and painted bike boulevards (what the survey called priority lanes).

A good well constructed survey. I learned a couple of things too about the different types of bike lanes and improvements. Very interesting.

Washcycle, can you tell us the right answers?

The correct answer is always "c"

I think some of the scenarios depicted are very unlikely: one-lane, 45 MPH streets with on-street parking? But I tried to answer anyway.

@Nancy - I put "Other" for every single one of those "Now imagine the speed limit is 45 mph..." cases, and wrote some variant that I don't know where the survey writers live, but I can't imagine a street that looked like that and had a 45 mph limit - and that someone should call DOT to look at resetting the speed, because even if there were no cyclists, a driver was going to lose a door in that scenario.

Same here on the 45 zones.

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