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Off topic –

But did anyone else see the horse manure on the Pa Ave cycle track. At 5:00 yesterday afternoon three horse mounted park police were riding in the track. At a stop light all three horses made a deposit. The officers looked at the piles of manure in the middle of the trail and laughed. It was still there this morning.

Has anyone else seen mounted police on the path. I think the chance of hitting that much manure in the dark is very high and the police should keep horses on the mall.

Yes - I had to dodge the crap yesterday.

Sometimes the Park police will ride their horses up the CCT - and drop piles of manure that will stay for days.

Will expect dog owners to clean up after their pets. Why don't the Park police do the same?

I didn't see the horsepuckey at 9am this morning, but maybe that's because it could have been under the utility trucks parked in the lanes at 10th or 11th and again at 14th.

There is also a lot of work being done on the trees along the CCT. Does anyone know the story?

Discarded protest debris seems to love to accumulate on the Penn. Ave lanes between 3rd and 6th streets. At least when the DC street cleaning system (heavy rainstorms) is not operating on schedule.


I saw it, too. I'd never seen them trimming trees on the trail before. It doesn't seem to be a matter of removing diseased trees, either.

I had thought trail maintenance got zeroed out of the County's budget {unless this is under a different fiscal year budget).

Which protest was down there? I've seen that debris. Zip ties galore.

There is also a lot of work being done on the trees along the CCT. Does anyone know the story?

Clearing branches away from power lines. Pepco is in plenty of trouble these days over outages.

I applied for tickets to the Air & Space Museum talk but I didn't get selected. Bummer.

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