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I know trips per bike is the more interesting and accessible stat, but trips per dock per day (tpdpd?) is a more meaningful metric, as it partially accounts for how well Alta is balancing the number of circulating bikes with the number of open docks.

It's only the last day of spring if you define it astronomically. Meterological summer begins at the start of June. As for me, I prefer any method that starts summer sooner.

WMATA budget for next year in the WaPo:

Summary: Roughly $2.5B expenses (capital + operating). Revenue from fares is only $664M from rail, $142M from bus, and $6M from Metroaccess (which costs $116M to run!), for a total of $812M. The rest of the revenue (i.e., $1.9B, the vast majority) is from subsidies (taxes).

If someone will post the same numbers for CaBi, I think we'll be quite happy with its fiscal status.

link for above data:

I hope I am disabused of the notion that readers of Washcycle are "all hat--no cattle," but as of noon 6/20, only 3 teams are signed up for the Greater DC Summer Slog commuter challenge. Or maybe it is just that readers aren't joiners. Prove me wrong at http://greenlightride.com/competition/view_challenge/163/

I commute every day, but feel no need to bath in my own smugitude on greenlightride.

I only sign up for the Greenlight Ride contests when prizes are involved. Otherwise, it's a hassle to remember to log miles on a website every day.

I said back in January that if they dont get bpd up to 4 by summer, Id be seriously worried.

Glad they hit that metric.

Onto 6 by next summer! Should be easy to hit with this momentum.

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