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I was driving (unfortunately) north on 15th last night around 830pm. I stopped at the light at L. Within 15 seconds of my light going red, nine bikes passed through the intersection traveling on L. Anyone who thinks we don't need better bike facilities on L St is delusional. Or a bear.

R.I.P. Duane. He looked pretty happy on that photo of his newly won bike.

I wonder if Lagarde is a scofflaw cyclist. And if she'll come across any bears in the cycletracks.

Just saw this:

Did anyone ride by there? Did MPD close the cycletrack? What about the sidewalk?

Regarding the question in the comments a couple days ago about usage of the Penn. Ave. bike lanes, I took some helmet video of a short section this morning. (I especially like the puddle avoidance move by the cyclist on my left at 1:10!). The Penn. Ave. lanes starts at about 3 minutes in. This seems like a pretty normal level of "traffic" on the lanes to me -- generally typical that 3 or 4 riders are waiting at each light during rush hour.

Re: Greeenbelt PA Ave video

I'd like to note that there appears to be as many people using bikes as using cars. Where is all that congestion AAA warned us about?

I never use PA Ave in the morning but do occasionally in the afternoons. It it usually fairly empty of vehicles as well.

So why can't we have a true cycletrack again?

DDOT has webcams all over the area. See:

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