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but wait, Mary Cheh is a useless hack with no morality and just backstabbed St. Tommy.

You mean it is possible that even hack politicians might care about issues?

Here is an idea on the L and M. Kill L, turn M into a two way. Not sure it would work -- dealing with turns would be hard. Seems like studying 15th and Penn could get a lot of insight over 2 way cycletracks, not sure about one way. I suspect a lot of the "study" is managing local residents complaints vs. actually looking at usability.

charlie, if you're going for irony, criticizing unspecified people for being one-dimensional because they think Mary Cheh is one-dimensional, you have succeeded.

L & M are "oh hold", yet "they'll install in the spring"? Are you saying you have the impression that DDOT currently plans to install the L & M cycletracks in the spring? Or that Cheh's expressed desire? Either sounds like great news to me. But those two statements seem in conflict.

Thanks so much for all you do, by the way.

DDOT is hoping to install in the spring. On hold is used because originally it was to be earlier.

I like Cheh's showing of initiative. Nice.

1. in the Dutch ThinkBike workshop the Dutch pushed two way tracks because they say people will ride in both directions regardless. We had been thinking one way tracks. The problem with two way tracks is that they are much more expensive to build because of all the signalling and engineering issues that come up.

2. Terry Bellamy says that DDOT is intending to have a Master Transpo Plan, funded in the next round of the capital budget planning for transpo in FY12.

I agree that there should be a biking element. Does that mean that a bike master plan should still be done. Probably not.

But hopefully the Master Plan would be excellent. I am worried that it will be run of the mill, although I did talk with Mr. Bellamy about the philosophy and structure of the ArCo Plan and he clearly understands. He told me how they did site visits in many best practice transpo cities around the US as part of the development process for the plan...

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