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I suspect dockblocking is as much of a cause of the slowdown as in the weather.

Are they considering taking out parking spaces? Or are those too integral to the "historical arrangement of public space"?

CaBi stations would fit with the current exercise and recreational uses of the Mall. I think many visitors are impressed by all of the runners and cyclists on the Mall. We all know about the many softball games that take place on most afternoons.

It's not like CaBi stations are monstrous eyesores. They wouldn't destroy the aesthetics of the Mall. They are not flashy or gaudy. They are not particularly tall or large.

I agree that maybe the stations shouldn't be located in the center section of the Mall, but I think it would be reasonable to place stations on the outer edges. Over by the Lincoln Memorial, there are information kiosks and a structure where drinks and snacks are sold. If they can have that next to the memorial, a nearby CaBi station should be acceptable.

Let's get it done, NPS.

Michael H,

I'm going to disagree with you here. I'd like to see the CaBi stations front and center. I't put one inside the Lincoln Memorial, right at Lincoln's feet. I'd put one on an island in the middle of the reflecting pool. One on top of the Washington Monument and another inside the FDR memorial.

But that's me.

I disagree with all of you. We need to follow the original vision of the mall. Ladies must be appropriately attired in long skirts, and gentlemen shall wear a coat and tie. And everywhere shall be the droppings of horses.

It's obvious. The big pedicab industry is pressuring NPS to refuse CaBi.

Or perhaps, like the pedicabs, CaBi is considered too much competition for the tour mobiles, and segway tours.

Q: Are there still pedal/paddle boat rentals on the Tidal Basin?

So Bill Line rides a bike. Isnt that like "some of my friends are black people"?

"So Bill Line rides a bike. Isnt that like "some of my friends are black people"?"


big deal, he rides a bike. so what? so does lance armstrong and he hasnt done squat for bike advocacy.

I think washcycle is right here, and Michael H wrong.

I can see why NPS doesn't want to do a review under the national historic preservation act. paperwork, etc.

But once you start that review, you'd have to agree that bikeshare stations are extremely non- invasive. I can't see any argument that it would "alter" the character of the mall or the memorials.

There must be a exemption for things like parking meters, signs, etc, and I'd suggest strongly that bikeshare stations could fit into that exemption.

the biggest thing in favor of bikeshare in terms of an NHPA review would be a likely reduction in car traffic which negatively impacts the Mall.

What I meant is that the CaBi stations can be closer to the Smithsonian museums, not directly in the middle of the Mall. That might lessen NPS opposition to the idea of any CaBi stations at all.

That would be more convenient for visitors and residents. Most people would want to bike to the museums, not the middle of the grass fields. There is enough tree cover that a CaBi station near the WWII Memorial would be inconspicuous, yet close to that memorial and the Washington Monument. Same with the Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool.

I think it's better for some compromise instead of asking for the moon. I would think that having more prominent locations would make NPS continue to ignore requests for CaBi stations on the Mall.

Satan: Whatever Armstrong has or has not done (and its mostly nothing) is irrelevant. The point is that Bill Line riding a bike does not excuse his his public statements and attitudes.

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