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That's very sad.

(Aargh! Wash Post, it's "Pedalers" not "Peddlers.")

I knew Kate and have heard from friends what happened. It was not a cardiac event. Kate was riding across a grassy area to avoid the construction at Pierce Mill. Suddenly she was thrown from her bike. No one saw the fall happen, they only saw her lying there afterward. Unfortunately, Kate was paralyzed and couldn't speak after the accident, so she was never able to tell anyone exactly what happened. But her heart was fine -- not a cardiac event. A friend later went to where Kate was found and noticed that there is a metal grate in that area that is somewhat hidden by the grass. That could have been what caused her bike to stop suddenly. Truly tragic. (Also, in case people are wondering, she *was* wearing a helmet.)

very sad.

my heart goes out to all that knew and loved her.

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