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re: "Skulls are Skulls"

People seem to think that cycling is an inherently hazardous activity, requiring helmets. This applies even to my wife, who will point out the number of accidents I have had. (and I wear a helmet).
Of course, she has had several serious and long term injuries while driving a car, dancing, or playing video games. Yes, less blood, but still injuries.

I wonder if the cyclist assaulter reads the Ballston Patch?


Damn Catherine, I had missed the little screed at the Ballston patch.

The comments have been VERY cleaned up, too. Just today, getting a link to that "article" to comment here, I went back to look at them, and after most reasonable people had left the argument, the anti-cyclists started posting YouTube videos of cyclists being hit by cars and in one instance, KILLED, with the anti-cyclists saying that "we need more of this".

I emailed the "editor" of the Ballston Patch (who, by most accounts had been unresponsive to issues with the article and comments other than to say that the views of the author in no way reflect Patch etc etc) about the videos and comments, pointed out that they were against Patch's Terms of Use (as is the "article", actually) and sent her a link to the Arlington County Police report. I also CC'd the editor of ALL of Patch (not just the Ballston one), and anyone else on the board who had their emails publicized.

That seemed to have worked. The YouTube videos and comments about them, which had been up since July 16th were taken down in an hour. I haven't gotten an email back from anyone at Patch, however.

Catherine: Don't take it out on B - his postings were facetious (look at his previous comments). Now, the people agreeing with those comments...

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