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The GW Pkwy needs rumble strips. A bridge or tunnel would be nice, but it's years away.

In the nearer term, I'd say this stretch needs 2 more warning signs in the half mile before the crosswalk, and rumble strips accross both lanes. Too many drivers are paying no attention to what they can clearly see; the rumble strips should wake them up.

A pedestrian activated light would not be a bad idea--but there would have to be something to get the drivers to pay attention. Maybe a warning light 1/2 mile ahead to warn drivers about the red light ahead.

Or rumble strips.

Circular Seat tube and seatstay structure to reduce vibrations:

Not sure how I feel about that one.

This, however, has jumped to the top of my weekend-projects list:

Great ideas, Jim.

Can we get a coordinated effort to lobby the NPS for more signage around the Memorial Bridge? The horrible sight lines, excessive speed (usually over the speed limit), and change from the rest of the parkway all make for a dangerous situations.

While I'm picking nits, it's Phobos, not Phobus.

Do we know which crossing the accident took place on?

"from the Mt. V to Mem bridge"

As there are two.

Again best practice: wait for the gap. Cars shouldn't stop for people waiting to cross.

There is a bad middle space, when a car slows down for you, or stops, and you you have decide quickly.

I have to blame tourists here. Regular commuters may be speeding, but they know about those intersections. Tourists don't, and I'd be curious to know percentage they make up.

I like the velocipede. That's cool. Interestingly enough, the Cyrillic transliteration of that word, велосипед, is the word for bicycle in modern Russian.

Nancy, thanks I fixed it. Phobus is better though if you ask me.

Charlie, only one crossing is of the GW Parkway. The other is Washington Blvd.

@washcycle; most people are not as precise as you. However, that is good terminology going forward.

The GW parkway crossing could be improved -- the hawk, road strips, etc. Changing the speed limit there would not help.

The washingon blvd one -- good luck. It's ugly, and drivers will be more focused on the merges than on the crosswalk. Luckily, I think the new 110 trail will relieve a lot of the traffic at that crosswalk.

Pedals on the front wheel, but no drive mechanism? Are the pedals for decoration?

I believe that would be called "direct drive". It's still a simple machine (a "first class lever"), just a bit more simple than one with indirect drive.

Yeah, I think it's more like a Big Wheel or a kid's tricycle.

Best part about the Phobos/Phobus discussion? It was originally spelled Phobus. (according to the all-knowing Wikipedia)

Yeah. I was just going old school...

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