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Are they going to link up that NH rail trail to the "East Coast Greenway"? I know the ECG isn't really a single trail. But it would be interesting to add such a long trail to the ECG route, even if I never head up there myself.

Interesting that you should post about cycling and bread. I had to throw out a loaf and a half of bread yesterday because of mold. The expiration date hadn't even passed yet.

The article on a Portland bikeshare system includes a picture of SmartBike DC. Aren't the BikePortland people aware of CaBi yet? CaBi is a far better model than SmartBike. If you're listening Portland, go with a CaBi-type system.

HEck, a medium sized Chrome messenger bag will fit two 6-packs with room to spare for other stuff.

6 bags of groceries indeed.

There is a Bike Portland blog entry about the push for a bikeshare system in Portland. It's all caught up in their local bike politics.

In some ways the comments are more interesting than the article - it becomes clear that the otherwise-advanced-cyclists in Portland don't grok the bikeshare concept.

I think the issue of too much packaging material in the EU is more related to garbage disposal regulations than biking.

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