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That part of Crain Highway is Route 3, not 301. Between 450 and 50.

her bicycle drifted into traffic and hit a 2011 Chevy Malibu traveling in the same direction

Three foot passing rule?

I know. My spidey senses have definitely gone off here. That's what the driver claimed in the Yoram Kaufman crash. In general this or "I just didn't see them" are about the only two things you can say when you hit a cyclist from behind and don't want to admit guilt (and "I didn't see them" is admitting guilt in most cases). That is not to say that it isn't what happened, it's just suspicious. The pavement was wet, so it's possible that the cyclist couldn't really hear cars from behind - everything gets louder. Or it's possible she was dodging something in the road. Or maybe, it being a Friday night, she'd been drinking. But, I still smell something fishy here.

Looking at google streetview, the shoulder disappears near Sylvan Drive and becomes the right turn or merge lane for Sylvan.

Looking at google streetview, the shoulder disappears near Sylvan Drive and becomes the right turn or merge lane for Sylvan.

It's also worthy of note that this is a poorly lit 4-lane rural divided highway. I'm not prepared to declare this suspicious--unless, of course, *all* bike fatalities are suspicious. (I would agree that all bike fatalities should be investigated impartially, which is rather a rather different claim.)

For me it's the description (which is immediately limited). Having a cyclist move off of the shoulder and crashing into a car is just not a common crash type. A driver hitting a cyclist while overtaking is. But we've seen news reports be very inaccurate in the past. Based on what little is given, I'm suspicious - with the caveat that I don't have much at all to go on.

Drivers also speed at 60mph+ in this area. Really not a good place to ride day or night. A few weeks ago a dump truck ran a car off the road while changing lanes right near there. The car flipped several times. Amazingly no one died.

I avoid that stretch even in a car because the drivers are just crazy.

The police have revised their report to indicate that the car drifted onto the shoulder.

I don't know where in Bowie she lived, but I don't recommend that anyone bike that section of Rte. 3. The section between the two halves of 450 is kind of unavoidable if you're coming from Crofton, but you're better off heading onto 450 into Bowie and cutting through there.

It says something about our road design when a stretch is so dangerous that people even avoid driving there.

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