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Yep, when AAA signs up for something you know it is a bad idea!

More job stimulus of PI lawyers! Just what the country needs!

Does the law apply to bicyclists harassing pedestrians?

Charlie, however obnoxiously, has a point - the law shouldn't specify "cars harassing bikes". What if the car is harassing someone on a Segway? Any sort of victim of harassment should have adequate tools to fight back in court, not just cyclists.

Just because it's good for PI lawyers does not mean it is bad law. The alternative is cyclists being unable to recover damages. Is that better? No need for demagoguery here (and charlie does it twice).

The law doesn't apply to pedestrians. Primarily this problem seems to be about drivers behaving this way toward cyclists. If you know of other cases, bring them to WABA's attention, but that isn't what they hear about. At the meeting last night, Shane said it would be easier to get a narrow bill passed than an expansive one.

There were no permits for 15th st sidewalk closure. Secret Service just sent a contractor out there to put up a fence because the cornice of the treasury building was damaged by the earthquake, and a section of it had come loose.

I think for emergency closures, whoever implements them has some period of time (1 week?) to apply retroactively for a permit. I would assume they have done this or are in the process of doing so.

I think what wasn't done was compare the relative danger of a piece of cornice possibly falling off the building with the danger of squeezing high volumes of peds and bikes into the same space next to fast moving traffic.

Clearly traffic and bike/ped conflicts are more likely to cause an injury in this case.

AAA is being pretty smart with this by advocating for going after the worst drivers. Its good PR, and something we can all agree on.

If there's political wrangling going on about getting things passed then I'll trust that those in the know are "playing the game" to get what they can pushed through. Ideally, though, I agree with charlie and Jon that the text should read more like other vulnerable road user laws.

Pedestrians are disobeying the signs on the fence on 15th street. It says to use opposite sidewalk, not the cycletrack. At least, there's a sign on the south side heading north on 15th. Give 'em tickets!

I would argue that neither the Livability Plan methodology nor the Performance Parking planning method for meter revenue funded improvements addresses improving bicycle related infrastructure systematically.

Therefore the methodologies are flawed.

WRT both processes, the planning method should systematically address streetscape/placemaking, street, bike, pedestrian, and transit related improvements.

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