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How about the biker who knocked my then-pregnant wife to the ground?
I imagine this is at the core of it. Otherwise I have no idea why he'd continue to embarrass himself with one demonstrably false assertion after another.

Chuck likes to throw bombs, then retort with a non-sequitur. His tweets last night strangely focus on the anti-"American"-ness of pushing this law.

He's a political consultant, so Chuck obviously is very cognizant of the science and art of 'framing' an argument. By pushing the meme that this law will damage American judicial precedent, he impugns those in favor of it as non-patriotic, as less American than he for opposing it.

It's a clever tactic, but I agree with David's wording here - it's intellectually bankrupt.

An insurance program for cyclists is worth looking into. Administratively, I'd say fund it with the gas tax, parking tax, etc. Maybe limit coverage to cases where victim has no fault.

Contributory negligence doctrine creates something close to a no-fault system when most accidents have mutual fault. Alterntive to repealing doctrine is to have insurance cover the costs.

Most drivers have inadequate insurance to cover serious damages. So on the one hand: Most cases are to small to be worth brining, and on the other hand, most trult tragic cases that are large enough to bring involve defendancts who can pay for some (but not all) of the damages.

The class of automobile drivers should logically pay for the expected damages to cyclists--but it may be most efficient to simply have drives fund the insurance necessary to cover damages rather than have alot of individual insurance programs.

You have clearly never attended an Eagles game. There really are several documented instances of assault against Redskins fans at the stadium there, including one hospitalization. That's why they have a police substation there. So he gets a half point that joke.

As Jim T hinted at and WC surprisingly left out, the contributory negligence law has already created a defacto protected class- only it's drivers who can hit cyclists and then park their SUV in the legal loophole that has too often left cyclists footing the bill.

I suspect Chuck doesn't want to have that conversation, though cyclists certainly do.

Also, he's confusing how liability insurance works. If you have it, it covers you when you hit someone, not when they hit you. Then their insurance is supposed to foot the bill.

I'd support a voluntary option (certainly not mandatory) for liability insurance for bicycles, but it doesn't exist, and insurance companies aren't interested in offering it. Yet another example of where cyclists are legally left out to dry.

The other half point goes to the joke that is the Eagles offensive line this season.

I'm an Eagles fan and have been to a few games. I've seen people jokingly threatened or yelled at, but never actually attacked. I'm sure that on occasion fights between fans break out, but my guess is that both sides probably are culpable.

Most cyclists are covered for liability under their auto insurance, according to Mrs. Washcycle.

That requires existence of an auto policy, of course. Try to find a cycling liability policy. You definitely won't find one in DC, and last I looked, you couldn't find one in the US.

Last Eagles game I attended had to be delayed because security pepper-sprayed one of the many altercations, and the spray drifted onto the Eagles bench.

Some fans are like grenades. They're going to go off and hit someone near them - and they don't discriminate. There might be some greater chance that it's an opposing team's fans, but I've seen plenty of fights between two Eagles fans.

From the wikipedia entry on Redskins mascot "Chief Zee":
"In 1983, Chief Zee attended a game against the Eagles at Veterans Stadium. While at the game, he was attacked by Eagles fans angry at their team's 10-point loss to the Redskins - the fans broke his leg, tore off his original costume, and left him hospitalized."


I think this was the event that Thies was responding to.

"biker who knocked down [his] then-pregnant wife?" ... more like a biker knocked up his wife.

An Eagles fan, really? I'm disappointed, I thought you had more class than that ;) In fairness, I've had drunken skins fans try to fight me in the stands before.

Mrs. Washcycle is correct, but those of us without an auto insurance policy are screwed.

I'm a bit confused; are you saying my auto libaity insurance will cover me if I hit someone while on a bike?

charlie, that's how I understand it.

Looking at my particular auto policy, it limits itself to motor vehcicles. No go there.

And my medical benefits also does not include walking or riding.

AAA did offer me an insurance package at one point that had 50K of coverage for all commuting -- in particular wallking. It wasn't an auto package, just a seperate program.

Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue.

I'd support a voluntary option (certainly not mandatory) for liability insurance for bicycles, but it doesn't exist, and insurance companies aren't interested in offering it. Yet another example of where cyclists are legally left out to dry.

You can get such coverage from any Homeowner's, Codo or Renter's insurance policy. I have 500K of Liability coverage for only $300/yr.

$300/year is not bad. Over 30 years (a rough estimate of a lifetime of comuting by bike, that's $9,000). If your odds of causing a serious accident are 1/200 over that lifetime, then as long as you think your expected liability is less than $900,000, you're better off self-insuring.*

* All numbers but the first totally made up. And your bank account may at any given time be "diddly".


Let me clarify. The coverage in these policies is for general liability. It's not just limited to cycling. That's not even its main purpose.

One princiapally gets such coverage to cover your responsibility if someone is hurt while on your property or your negligence damages someone else's property.

The coverage also extends to me while I'm away from my property engaged in normal daily activity such as walking down the street whistling or while cycling.

It specifically DOESN"T cover me while operating a motor vehicle. That activity is excluded because it has long been recognized as a very hazardous activity!

His experience with his pregnant wife and infant child are not equal to what cyclists are seeking protection/justice from.

Cyclists are seeking justice in situations like the ones that occur to me on a regular basis: riding in my lane, driver passes and yells at me to f'ing get out of the road, within 1 minute and at the next red light I attempt to pass the idling driver, he swerves his car as I pass in an attempt to hit me or run me off the road.

The driver threatens me and then later follows with a purposeful assault.

I doubt his pregnant wife was threatened with violence for being pregnant, and then a couple of minutes later actually assaulted for being pregnant.

Cyclists aren't seeking this legislation for accidents, we're seeking it for assaults.

I do think as a matter of prudence cyclists-especially those with families-should carry adequate insurance. That's for the purpose of protecting themselves and their loved ones, though--there's no evidence that uninsured cyclist-caused damage and injuries have ever been an issue beyond the occasional and extremely rare instance (frankly, I don't know of any). Good policy is not made by imposing expensive requirements as palliatives for extremely rare occurrences.

I skip the driver insurance and go straight to having a gold plated life insurance policy so my family will be fine when I'm gone.

Brendan, I've been collecting Milo Rambaldi artifacts in the hope of finding the secret to eternal life. Then I can leave my helmet at home - suck it helmet!

I thank thee that I am none of the wheels of power but I am one with the living creatures that are crushed by it.

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