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re the pavement markings. Last week, I couldn't find my arlington bike map and I went to a planning session for Columbia Pike at a middle school off Rte. 50 and Carlin Springs Rd.

I had never ridden out that way, and I relied on my understanding of the geography out there (very weak), and as it got dark, I ended up getting lost. (Pretty embarassing.)

I should have just stayed on the W&OD but I didn't, I deviated and ended up going in a big circle, and then back to the W&OD.

Having map signage at major road/gateways, or destination signage for major roads along trails would be very helpful.

They've also just finished paving the bike trail underpass on the southern side of the Humpack bridge (just to the left of the pic border), but right now, the trail it connects to dead ends about half-way around the Boundary Channel.

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