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Rockville Pike is overdue for a transformation into an urban boulevard. With the planned expansion of Capital Bikeshare into Bethesda, Rockville and Shady Grove, bike lanes would be incredibly useful.

I hope this project gets funded. I'd also like to see Fairfax County make similar improvements in Tysons Corner. They don't seem to be making much progress on their ambitious bike and urban center plans. Tysons Corner is a destination, not just a place for high-speed traffic to go through between DC and Loudoun County.

(Sorry if I haven't been keeping up with this discussion - it's not a place I usually ride but I've recently passed by a couple of times...)

Can anyone explain why this is a problem on Madison Place but not on Jackson Place directly opposite Lafayette Park?

They want to fill those lanes with bus rapid transit to take short-haul commuters off of the at-capacity red line.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the only reason that the Red line is at-capacity is that Metro doesn't run enough trains in order to save money? And isn't BRT a *long*-haul service?

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