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Yes, after nearly 1,250 commute miles this season on my bike (VA/DC), I agree with the cautionary points. Auto drivers (and I am one on occasion), often fail to yield because they are not paying attention (texting or just oblivious). However, I also witness cyclists taking too much risk by blowing through lights and signs and trying to signal. Be good bike ambassadors. Follow the rules and don't be timid by politely (as much as possible) pointing out infractions to auto drivers.

vdot = genius.

jeff would probably be on board with such sweeping vdot insights...he seems to appreciate a strong stand on neutrality...

This is a final document? as opposed to one that is out there for comment?

For bike-car collisions, there is only a single most common fault of drivers, but there are three most common faults for cyclist. The impression is that cyclists are more at fault, when most statistics show the opposite. Sneaky!

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