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The bit about William F Buckley reminds me a video I saw yesterday juxtaposing Obama's calls for taxes on the wealthy with an almost identical call by Ronald Reagan. Of course in this case, Buckley may have just wanted a place where he and others could drive w/o having to worry about cyclists on "their" road.

Re: 15th St cycle track - It looks like DDOT should have done a better job of providing access for pedestrians instead of closing the sidewalk.

Bruce. This was not DDOT's call. My impression is that they don't care for it at all.

The article didn't cite a total cost, but I wonder how many miles of protected cycletrack or off-road bike/ped trail could have been built with the funds Pleasanton CA used to install super-smart traffic lights? I prefer to be away from cars if possible. Even when driven safely, most of them emit fumes that smell worse then me.

Since there are clear signs indicating to pedestrians to the sidewalk on the opposite side and not to walk in the bike lane (in red, no less). Maybe this could be exploited as a great revenue opportunity for the city. What is the fine for jaywalking in the city? Even if it is only $5, they could easily make $1000 every 5 minutes between 5pm and 6 pm.

Oh, and thank you WABA for doing this. It's obviously more of an idealistic gesture than a really effective one but it's good for those scofflaw pedestrians to know that they are not supposed to walk there.

"it's good for those scofflaw pedestrians to know that they are not supposed to walk there"

If I had a nickel for every time I read/heard a soccer mom's "bikes belong on paths, not on roads" I'd be rich. It's wonderful to have a case where the aggrieved are *cyclists* and the trespassers are somebody else!

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