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Hope they recover soon and completely.

The news story makes it sound like a hit and run. Does anyone know if the driver has been identified? Doesn't FedEx keep GPS tracks of their vehicles for routing purposes?

The driver stayed on the scene, as you can see in the "raw video" link on the Channel 9 story page (probably extra video they didn't know what to do with).

See a little more discussion on http://cyclemoco.com/2011/11/driver-hits-4-cyclists-on-macarthur-blvd/

Here is what I think happened, based on the news story and the account of a (later) passer-by. But I have no first-hand knowledge or accident report. I drew stop signs at the little intersection where the U-turn was made in red. There's no stop sign or white line where the van entered MacArthur.

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