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So a median is considered a high priority treatment on Wisconsin, but bike lanes are not?

DDOT failed cyclists with the Massachusetts & Florida Aves. rehabs a few years back, the downtown Connecticut Ave rehab last year and now on Wisconsin Ave. Cyclists still must use these arterial routes, despite DDOT's refusal to accommodate them safely.

Why is DDOT now ignoring their own internal complete streets policy?

The problem with spread-out bikeshare stations comes when you get dockblocked and have to trek well out of your way.

Jeff, there's also the cycletrack originally planned for far Pennsylvania SE that was axed.

Roy, it is a trade off between serving more people/areas and reliability. Somewhere in there is the sweet spot. Having every station be walking distance from another maximizes services. Putting stations twice that distance apart maximizes service area/people served. Where in between those the ideal spot is...I don't know. It's probably different for every city.

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