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There's an organization - Friends of Long Bridge Park - that is dedicated to making sure that Arlington County will "Complete & Connect" the park. The Complete part refers to an aquatics center, and the Connect part refers to following the line of the Esplanade east for a connection *over* GW Parkway to the MVT.

I'm involved with them, and invite others to check out http://longbridgepark.org/ for more information.

Interesting about the neck injury. According to a paper in Accident Analysis and Prevention (Elvik, 2011), helmets tend to reduce head injuries but increase neck injuries (the overall effect was found to be a slight reduction in injuries). The problem is that a modern, relatively-soft helmet can grip the road and twist the head, injuring the neck.

While waiting for that over-the-Parkway bridge, how about extending the path from the VA-side Humpback Bridge tunnel the reset of the way around Boundary Channel to Boundary Channel Drive?

Walsh44: "That would be great" says everyone in the world except the Pentagon.

I cringe when I see so many people who ride without helmets. Why? I had a friend whose bad bike accident when he was riding without a helmet gave him TWELVE YEARS with AMNESIA.It was pitiful, believe me. Even if only a few cases like that were reported, you wouldn't want to be one of them, I'm sure. Give your head a chance, and always ALWAYS wear a helmet.

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