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CaBi month to month changes are going to have to be seasonally adjusted (the way they do with employment figures). Year over year numbers are better (and will be even better metrics once there's more of them)

Still, I wish they would spend (government) money on bike pathways vice bikes themselves

The Connecticut Ave account is frustrating. It's like trying to sympathize with someone who tried to use persuasion and logic with a pit bull. Neither a car nor a pit bull understand English or are inclined to gentle persuasion, fairness or mercy. There are no half measures or debates in these situations. Either avoid the situation or put down the pit bull. Yes, it's been one of those months out there for me. P.S. the police will never give a shit.

So now I'm confused. The driver of the car was a pit bull? Or was the pit bull just a passenger in some sort of driverless car?

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