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This is my daily a.m. commute inbound from Memorial Bridge. There are two problems, one temporary, but one permanent.

At the west end of the improvement, under the cluster of overpasses, a deep cut (1" deep, 1 foot wide") runs across the entire roadway. It's a serious hazard to any cyclist in the roadway. You either have to decelerate or jump. And if you jump you jump into a field of potholes which is a hazard just as bad.

The new roadway has curb bump outs and wide sections which are part of accommodating a right turn only lane. The lane lines are wrong because they start and stop and mostly parallel the curb line. It encourages a zig-zag route in an out of the flow of traffic at a time when drivers are still merging from two lanes down to one. There's a much more straight and intuitive path for cyclists that would allow cyclists to take a straight predictable path and still leave room for a separate lane for cars and a 3 foot buffer. They should have painted a straight white line to establish that clearly.

It's a great improvement for out bound cyclists though.

The punch items have been filled in.

This is part of my daily commute and I agree with Brendan above about the issues that remain--that fissure at the base of the off ramp from the 14th Street bridge is kinda nasty, but I'm sure it will be filled in sometime soon.

This project has taken a bit of time but the end result, while not perfect, represents a huge improvement over the previous arrangement.

Hmm, seeing the date you took the pic, maybe i'm wrong about the punch items. Could've sworn they filled those errant patches. I'll have to check on the ride home this evening.

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