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Elizabeth needs a few more volunteers! It's just a couple of hours, come on WashCycle readers!

Weather is going to be nice!

@Eric: it's next week. :o)

I know Froggie... I looked at the 10-day forecast and it predicts temperatures in the 40s. For Satueday it just changed to possible snow but that must be a mistake since it usually doesn't snow at 45 degrees. ;-)

In any event, even if I had not looked at the weather report, of course I am going to say that the weather is going to be nice to sell the activity. ;-)

Just like tickets even to the lamest shows always "go fast" and all incredible special offers are always "for a limited time only".

I agree with Eric_W, the weather is going to be great!

BTW, this counting project has been great and has made it rather clear that connected trails and bike paths get lots of use while disconnected trails do not. The planning Commission and Transportation Commission have quoted these numbers several times in their reports.

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