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The story of the stolen bicycle trade cries out for a great piece of investigative journalism. This, unfortunately, is not it.


One place i recently realized could really use a CaBi station: Washington Hospital Center. There are a couple stations a few blocks away, but there oughta be one right there.

On the MBT under NY Ave Bridge this morning, I noticed a football-sized chunk of stone on the trail. I'm glad I wasn't there when that came down!

According to the CaBi expansion map, they are going to add a station on First St. NW at Washington Hospital Center. CaBi will also be adding dozens of additional stations in D.C. this year.

Arlington will also be adding dozens of stations. Alexandria will add 8 and then 9 more, and Montgomery Co. is looking to join the system too. They could end the year with dozens of stations as well.

This map only shows current stations, approved station sites and some but not all of the proposed sites in the metro area. Most of the new D.C. and Arlington stations are not included on the map yet.


Michael, thanks for the info!

The longer version of the stolen bicycle story is worth a read, IMO: http://www.outsideonline.com/outdoor-adventure/biking/Who-Pinched-My-Ride.html?page=all

I see immigrant riders all the time wearing dark clothing and no external lights. There must be a way to do some bike safety outreach to people from these communities.

Scott, i see that too. Not clear that's the case in the story above, but i think it's clearly an issue.

It is. There was a NYT story about that a few years ago. I know WABA, Arlington and DDOT have tried to address that, but I bet Stafford county has not.

Scott, in Alexandria, we target the immigrant-intensive Chirilagua/Arlandria area with a bike light giveaway every Autumn. This year we (Alexandria City and Alexandria BPAC) worked with the Chrililagua Business Association, which made the program more effective.

Bike Arlington had two or three bike light giveaways in the fall and winter. They set up tables at key trail intersections and handed out bike lights (front and back) to any cyclist who passed by. Some people took extras to hand out themselves at other times when they see a ninja cyclist.

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