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The multi-trail along the future Potomac Yard Park was completed last year. It runs from the Four Mile Run bridge (Potomac Ave.) along Potomac Ave. down to the Monroe Ave. bridge. At about the halfway point, the trail switches from the west side of Potomac Ave. to the east side of the road.

It's a nice alternative to the Mt. Vernon Trail when riding between Old Town Alexandria and Crystal City. It's far better lit than MVT, and it doesn't have the dangerous blind curves that the MVT has in northern Alexandria.

It's a little tricky to move from Slaters Lane back over to the MVT in Old Town, but it's manageable.

The Potomac Ave. trail could be a little wider, but experienced cyclists can also ride on Potomac Ave., especially at off-peak times.

Why is it blocking part of the sidewalk?

I wondered about that too, but then I looked at that sidewalk on Google Maps. It doesn't actually connect to anything. It's on a traffic median. No pedestrian would ever use that sidewalk to go anywhere. It ends in between two traffic lanes.

Doesn't really matter that it's between two traffic lanes, it is still a legal sidewalk, and the bike sharing platform and bikes shouldn't encroach on it.

It wouldn't be legal for a bike rack to encroach like that.

What if its not a sidewalk, but a bike-share access path?

Jaywalking is illegal. So are many other things, important and not so important. I think this sidewalk placement is not that important. I doubt anyone ever used that sidewalk before unless they were drunk.

I'm not sure why this is a big deal. No one would mind if the median was unpaved and they put a bike station there. Are people actually going to protest this bike station? If so, why? That doesn't make any sense at all. There's a new bike station in a very important location (next to the Air and Space Museum) and no pedestrians are inconvenienced at all. Aren't there better battles to fight, situations where cycling or walking is actually impeded or discouraged?

The sidewalk probably should never have been built anyway. No harm, no foul. That's my view. Protesting this station would be shooting oneself in the foot.

Yeah the north portion of the rail already exists. Arlington is seeking money to design a connection between that trail and the Four Mile Run trail (there's a super-steep demand trail there already).

Am I reading the Potomac Yard plan correctly that eventually that trail will continue all the way down to the Braddock Road metro?

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