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Like studying very long trips.

If I had to guess I'd say this was a user who checked out a bike, rode to a station near their house, but the dock was full, so the CaBi rep told them to keep it overnight. This has happened to me several times.

Did Commissioner Morris ever consider that some parishioners might actually bike to church if there were a way to do it? The trail might ease Sunday morning parking lot congestion.

Does anyone know why the Custis Trail was shut down at 8:30 this morning (between North Calvert Street and Lee Hwy)? Looked like tree work. Was there any advance notice? Really pisses me off when they do this in the middle of rush hour on one of the region's major bike commuter "highways".

@oboe, this has been discussed on the Bike Arlington forum: http://bikearlingtonforum.com/showthread.php?1552-Custis-Trail-Tree-Work&p=12956#post12956

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