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The construction is for one of those giant tunnels DC Water is building to contain stormwater during major rain events. They are building a coffer dam in the river so they can build part of the project underneath the riverbed.

I too lament that the lights are never on, I run it every couple of days at dusk or at night. Though without lights, its a peaceful and quiet run. In probably 30 runs over there, I may have seen 10 other people on the trail, mostly walking dogs or jogging.

The bike lanes on Oxon Hill Rd are welcome by me. I've ridden over than way a couple of times after crossing the WWB, including a ride down to Colonial Farm.

It was OK before where there weren't bike lanes yet, but far from ideal. This should be an improvement and also help with routing into Southern MD, which is a bike tour/camping idea I've had in my head for a while.

Now if they can just get something decent in the Oxon Hill/ St Barnabas transition, as well as on where St Barnabas continues under the Beltway to Marlow Heights.

Will, thanks. I should have figured that out.

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