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Lane discipline. Something both American drivers and American bikers are very bad at. Even compared to drivers in Italy or Spain (insert Southern European sterotype of your choice) we are terrible.

I just don't think it is taught anymore, and after a few generations it has vanished altogether.

It's true. Building a highway, for example, dramatically increases the chances of there being an automobile accident on it.

RE: Ike Leggett's Budget

He's proposing to spend .57% of the total capital budget on bike (which is really bike/ped) infrastructure. It seems low, though not everything in the budget is transpo related. Anyone care to analyze among just the transpo dollars spent to see if their spending on bike/ped is commensurate with the mode share?

The truth is, MontCo could vastly increase their already high modeshare with a concentrated investment in cycling. The same is true of transit, but when investing in road projects, we're already well into the diminishing returns realm. Bike/Ped & Transit are the areas where you can get the big returns on your investment in the coming years, so that's where we should pump money.

In the 50s - 80s, there really was a big ROI on roads, but that is no longer the case, people who came of age during that era need to update their thinking.

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