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Re: Paris Testing Idaho Stop

I know this makes cycling more convenient and can be done safely so as to not increase risk of an accident. But how does it cut traffic accidents?

I think the author of the article ad libbed that one.

Re: Arlington Boathouse

I'm all for more recreational facilities along the river but we also need to keep in mind that the ingress/egress of trucks, trailers, and rowers portaging boats across a busy MUP will present issues.

@JeffB; while I'm confused about exactly where the boathouse will go as well, at least site site by TR trail will not impact MV trail. Potomoc Heritage, yes, but I think myself and the other fishermen can deal with it.

Parking will be a major pain in the TR lot. In 17 years I've never managed to park there, however.

I'm in Paris and I'm from Idaho. Mind=blown

I almost went with the tag: Paris: the Boise of France.

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