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Washcycle, that should be Mount Vernon Trail, not Met Branch. Editorial comments aside, I ran into this closure yesterday afternoon as I made my way from work in downtown DC to class in Old Town Alexandria. Ed K. is so right about the alternative route being a woefully inadequate sidewalk, maybe 5 feet wide, and that's being generous. When riding it yesterday, there was a predestrian walking the other way. I slowed way down and moved over as far as I could, and the pedestrian leaned into a space between two bushes a little. Otherwise, I would have had to dismount and step out into the roadway to get by.

I trust this closure is signed adequately for those heading north on the trail so they have time to jump over to the woefully inadequate alternate? Otherwise, it'd be a long way around... Anyone approached from that direction?

I hadn't ridden on the alternate "trail" for quite a while. It got my wheels turning since the class I was heading to was a transportation planning course where we've been discussing bike infrastructure a lot so far. I'm putting together some thoughts now on how the alternate trail could be reworked and dramatically improved, likely by way of a two-way cycletrack.

Ultimate speed barrier = war on neutrinos.

That section of the Mt Vernon Trail (the "alternate route") is supposed to be redone within the next year or two by the city of Alexandria. I don't think I've seen the design yet, though.

I think the new accommodation will be a wider sidepath in place of the narrow sidewalk that is there now. The city of Alexandria doesn't "get" cycletracks, at least not yet.

Thanks, Jonathan. I didn't realize they already had something in the works there. It'd be interesting to find out what exactly they have in mind.

I haven't seen traffic volumes for Abingdon Dr, but from my own experiences, I'm guessing that removing a travel lane there would have liitle to no impact on traffic flow, even at rush hours. That'd make room for a two-way cycletrack.

But as always, I'm sure the issue would be a political one of selling it to the decision makers. I know at least some city staff are quite open to the idea of cycletracks, but they don't make the ultimate decision...

The "alternate path" as mentioned by others here really sucks.

A good rule of bike routes is if you would not want your wife and/or child to ride with you along the route, then it's a poor route. This one definitely meets this standard.

You need a downhill mountain bike to survive "lumpy lane" there.

Abingdon Dr could be bumped to the west a few feet. That would be enough for a cycle track. I agree about the alternate trail. You have to check your fillings after riding it. I'm curious, was this the original right of way for the trail?

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