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On a map, it looks to me like the intersection of West Basin Dr and Ohio Dr is by the FDR memorial, not the Vietnam.

The Washington Times writer is mistaken. The corner of Ohio Drive and West Basin Drive is near the FDR and MLK memorials. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is over half a mile away from that location.

I think I know why she made that mistake. Google Maps mistakenly shows that the "Vietnam Memorial" is located where the FDR Memorial is. Hovering the mouse cursor over that listing displays a pop-up that reads the "Korean War Veterans Memorial". That memorial is also located several hundred feet away from the Ohio Drive spot.

I would have though that the first of the Mall stations would be the Jefferson Memorial location. That's right in the middle of the major cherry blossom areas. I think the Post implied in a recent article that the first of the new Mall stations would be installed at the Jefferson Memorial. Perhaps both stations will be ready before the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Given the volume of people, having cabi be a viable transit method for the Cherry Blossom is a pipe dream. You'd be able to transport something like 1% of the daily vistors is very bike is being used (and a massive corral station).

For visibility -- yes. I'd like to see something like a mass cabi ride. But what we really need is closing off the entire area for vehicles during that time.

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