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This is why we can't have nice things

And here i thought there might be a theft issue with solar systems. Forgot how people have been ripping off copper cable lately...

I think it's very difficult to steal a Solar System. Perhaps a single planet or moon, but a whole Solar System...can't be done.

If that's true, then why do we have one fewer planet than a couple of years ago?


That's how it starts . . .

That's why NASA is sending a satellite there. Jane Jacobs and Eyes on the Planet.

That's no moon - it's a space station.

Perhaps it wasn't "stolen" just mysteriously reallocated itself with another galaxy :-(

Material theft is a trend. The battery from the cross walk flashing beacon was stolen from the Shirlington Road location. I inquired with the Arlington County Project Manager on a fix ETA and the response was vague. Apparently there is an issue with vendor regarding a replacement. No details. The cross walk location is a very dangerous traffic zone.

You guys crack me up!

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