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It'd be nice if these designs and proposals were to be made available to the public.

Some of the proposals for the bike connector at the 14th St. Bridge are available in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the 14th St. Bridge Corridor.


Chapters 3 and 5 have relevant info. Appendix N has more detailed coverage of the proposed bike connector between Long Bridge Park and the MVT.

Some of the other chapters show proposals for a 2nd bike bridge in the 14th St. Bridge complex, with a new bridge possibly located adjacent to an upgraded Long Bridge. This could provide a direct route for cyclists and pedestrians between Long Bridge Park and East Potomac Park in D.C.

If both projects are built, they would be connected. The bike connector from Long Bridge Park to the MVT would be part of the Long Bridge bike trail/bridge.

Nothing has been settled yet. Permits would need to be issued and funds would have to be allocated. But there are separate plans to upgrade Long Bridge for high-speed rail. Perhaps the bike bridge could be tied to that project, either in terms of funding or in coordination of construction.

Michael, I'm very familliar with the 14th Street Bridge bike concepts...I co-wrote a post on GGW about them. What I want to see online are MVT/GWP-specific designs and proposals, such as the proposed "express bike lane" at Gravelly Point.

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