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Any idea when the bridge over M St. SE will be completed/open? It looks pretty close to being done.

Haven't ridden by in a couple of weeks, is that section right under the two bridges at the 14th offramp to Maine Ave still a bit rough?

Under the two bridges is patched. Patch is flush with the road surface. Patch will last a few winters I bet.

DDOT responded within 48 hours to me mentioning it here and emailing them directly. Kudos again to DDOT for their responsiveness.

The one-third-mile long section offers a new 14-foot wide multi-use paved trail along the south side of Maine Avenue, SW between the 14th Street Bridge and just east of 12th Street, SE in front of the Washington Fish Market.

I was all excited until I realized that, surely, you mean 12th Street SW, right?

Yeah. Blame it on DDOT. This is just their press release.

The third picture shows the biggest problem, which is that pedestrians have often just spread out to fill the space. (Luckily, you can take the street in one direction.) The area could use a couple of signs that it's a multi-use trail. The "Interim Anacostia Riverwalk Trail" signs, if noticed, don't mention it.

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