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Sometimes cyclists are to blame. Sometimes drivers are. And sometimes, road designers are.

You should ride out to Tysons with me sometime. If you want to know what the 2 mile stretch from the W&OD to Tysons Galleria feels like, imagine this video at 2:15 replayed over and over again every 15 seconds. The "path" feels as though it was designed to kill cyclists (and pedestrians).

@oboe That was part of my daily commute from Reston to Towers Crescent Blvd for a while. I could never decide whether I was better off riding with traffic on Gallows Rd or slaloming on the poorly-paved path. To my surprise, though, the biggest hazard was other cyclists behaving unpredictably!

Kledd i bevegelsen, i tillegg til å være vakker og kjekk, er det viktigste å passe en sport og idrett miljø.

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