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I think Levi was hit in Spain while training for a race, then transported to CA for medical treatment. Last I heard the final diagnosis (broken bones or not) was still to be completed. Scary as hell though, the car driver was going full speed when he was hit it sounds like.

Levi was hit in Spain, but flew back to California for treatment.


So if bicycles are so dangerous,and we ride so lawlessly,then why are the motorist fatality numbers so much higher than ours? I mean,I thought airbags and ABS were magic.

Also,anyone notice how much higher the traffic fatality numbers were than the murder rate? Almost twice. Seems bumbers are more dangerous than Glocks.

I wonder by what failure of intelligence the makers of that article (traffic fatalities down) thought that the bar graph should be normalized so that all bars are the same height.

antibozo, I wondered the same thing. Awful.

Here's how it maybe should have looked.

I wonder if the story would have been written any differently with a better visualization...

(or this unstacked one)

It appears as though the driver who struck Leipheimer was an elderly person, perhaps with poor eyesight or peripheral vision, and not a malicious person who was trying to gun down a cyclist. Leipheimer emphasized the driver's age a couple times.

DaveS, those are so much better. Thanks! Maybe you should send them to Kate Ryan at WTOP.

I can't for the life of me understand why society tolerates a status quo in which people get killed just going from point A to point B. It's outrageous and pathetic, and it could be prevented if people valued life just a little bit more.

Sorry to pontificate. It just drives me nuts.

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