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Washcycle is too good to be thought of as a blog. It's more like the morning paper. You're in a whole different league, so enjoy your vacations, but not too often, because we depend on you. The others are nice fluff.

As long as Topher wears a helmet, he has my blessing.

Agree with VA cyclist - you are the "go-to"...I enjoyed Tales from the Sharrows initially but have quit reading it for the most part, the cutesy novelty has worn off. And I don't like poodles.

They're very different blogs. His is funnier and more entertaining. I could see one reading it even if they don't care about bikes, I can't imagine the same thing about this blog.

If I may suggest another submission to washcycle:

Yeah, I think of WashCycle as "more than just a blog." It's a bike news source, regional bulletin board and bike advocacy newsletter all wrapped up in one.

No offense to Brian, but I've only read TFTH a handful of times, while Washcycle is one of only 5 tabs that automatically open when I launch Firefox. You're esteemed company: GGW, Housing Complex, WaPo, my office homepage.

Let a thousand bike blogs bloom, but yikes, Sharrows, embrace the beauty of visually separate paragraphs.

I hear Obama is going to nominate WashCycle as a "Living National Treasure" soon. Not part of the recent nomination deal, but it is coming.

If we, the loyal readers of WashCycle, all agree to each buy him a beer at Bike Fest next month I'm sure we could wind up having to pour him into a cab by the end. Well worth a beer or even two I'd say.

Poor him into a cab? Pssh. Slump him next to his bike. It's the only decent thing to do.

RE: Capital Crescent Trail,

And it keeps getting better! Some recent work was done on the Maryland portion to shave down a couple of the ruts.

Those weren't ruts. They were mini-ramps. I could catch whole feet of air on them.

Saturday night was the first time that I left a friend's house and realized I was not fit to CaBi, so I had to take a cab instead.

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