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Looks to me more like the asphalt was disintegrating because of erosion. that area is a bit higher (3 or 4 feet) from the actual road, and I didn't see any trail of destruction leading back to the road. The concrete part of the bridge itself is intact.

It has been cleaned up and the loose asphalt put back into place.

Is this the spot where the cyclist crashed earlier this week?

I'm no forensic genius, but I'm pretty sure that has nothing to do with erosion. First of all, erosion doesn't send debris uphill like the gravel on the ramp. There's also a good chunk of bark missing on that poor tree and a variety of industrial plastic pieces lying around. Something unnatural... not sure what, though... hit the trail with a good amount of force.

That tree's been hit, and it looks like the abutment, too. Though it's not clear if that's connected to the debris. When you say the loose asphalt is put back in place, do you mean piled up on the side and out of the travel path, or do you mean patched?

Wild elephants

@crikey7; piled up on the side. It is quite safe.

@KG; when I was there, the plastic had been picked up. There was one mark on the grass, but as I said a vehicle would have to get 2-3 feet of vertical to hit that spot from the road.

I just found it interesting that people jumped to conclusion about a car hitting it. Our four wheels friends are not responsible for all the mayhem....

Or a construction vehicle that was backing up for some reason...

Has anyone seen any reporting on Tuesday's accident or heard anything about the cyclist?

If it wasn't a car or a truck, it was a meteor with big plastic parts. Whatever it was it was either big or moving really fast because a whole lot of force was involved.

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